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Sales Strategy

Salesographer is a pricing and profit-boosting sales strategy for photographers lacking the cash flow mojo.  You will learn pure, not-from-concentrate sales & pricing education that will take you step-by-step on how to price, present, and sell your photography, without feeling like a salesman.

$2,000+ Sale Averages

We’ll share all the juicy secrets on successful consultations, sexy sales-sheets, stress-free presentations and more. In as little as one week, Salesographer can help you achieve $2,000 and $3,000 portrait sale averages.

Designed for any photographer

Whether you’re a seasoned professional with a studio, or a budding beginner working from home, Salesographer is a proven strategy to butt-kicking sales that any photographer can implement. Download your copy now and start increasing your bottom line in no time at all.


You already have the clients

make more money

You already have clients in the door…but what if you could double, or triple their spending budget?


Learn how to really price for profit. Stop running a business that is priced for failure and remove the mystery behind your price sheet. I’ll teach you the 5 strategies for profitable and effective pricing.


Package your products around their value. Proper pricing is only one step in the profit-boosting equation. You’ll learn how to present your prices and how to package your products for greatest impact. It’s not as hard as you think!


Don’t assume that your clients can read your mind…or even your website. They need to truly understand your value and process in order for them to invest in your photography. Teach your customers from the very beginning, and they’ll spend more than you anticipated.


Plan for success, don’t wait around for it. Stop letting your photos do all the work and start taking control of your income. Learn how to effectively sell your photography without becoming a salesman, and your clients will love you for it.


Present your portraits properly, and your clients will beg you to take their money. There is a critical time and place when your customers are most excited about their portraits, and I’ll teach you when and how to maximize their excitement without high pressure tactics.


Remove your selling crutches by going offline. It’s no secret that in-person sales sessions are 10x more effective than online galleries, but it takes more than just a meeting. I’ll teach you all my tips (and secrets) about how to get the most out of in-person presentations.

Dramatically increase your portrait sale averages

Includes everything but the kitchen sink

One Bundle

Salesographer includes a plethora of sales tools to help you transition to higher profits as quickly as possible. Ready to kick some sales & pricing tail?

Video Education

Salesographer features 90 minutes of pure, not-from-concentrate sales & pricing education. I will walk you through step-by-step how to price, present, and sell your photography. My sales process is a proven strategy to increasing your portrait sale averages. If you thought $2,000 sale averages were out of your reach, think again.  
View sample video!

E-Book Guide

If you prefer reading rather than watching, a comprehensive e-book of the entire video presentation is include for later review and study. Complete with graphics and images, this is more than just text on a page, but graphically enhanced textual eye-candy that any artist could appreciate. View Sample Chapter

Private Community

It’s the educational tool that keeps on teaching. Every Salesographer customer is granted private access to the Salesographer community where I will address questions, share new tips, and help you learn pricing, sales, business, and everything in between. Share your success stories, and network with budding experts. No question or concern will be left unanswered!

$50 Gift Card – ProDPI

ProDPI is our go-to professional lab for fine-art canvas gallery wraps, press-printed books, gorgeous albums, and a whole lot more. Every download will include a $50 Gift Card to use on a single purchase, because we want you get the product samples you need to start increasing your sales immediately! Rock on!

Custom Pricing Sheet

My gorgeous product pricing sheet, neatly organized and designed for presentation on an iPad, and guaranteed to impress your clients. Editable in both Photoshop and InDesign, now you have no excuse not to show off your awesome products in a manner thats clear, effective, all helping your clients purchase more custom artwork that they will love. Win win!

Sales & Order Form

Designing your own sales form is time consuming and mentally exhausting, so I’ve done all the hard work for you. This fillable form is a “Smart PDF”, and will automagically calculate your sales amounts and total! Keeping track of product sales, image numbers, discounts, credits, sales tax, and payment information just got way easier. View Form In Action!

Consultation Form

Brandable forms are critical to your sales process and I’ve included my highly refined consultation form. Like the Sales Form, it is a fillable PDF that is ready to print, or load it up in InDesign and add your own branding or make your own tweaks. Keeping client information organized along with session details can be exhausting. Now you can bring it all together on one easy-to-use form!

Don't take my word for it

Peer Reviews


Sergio Photographer

Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the World

I’ve known Spencer for a long time. He is a respected, ambitious and successful photographer in Arizona. He continues to amaze me with his continuous perseverance to learn and grow and better himself while always educating and helping other photographers. Our community is definitely better for having him.

Spencer’s, newest endeavor, Salesographer is a gold mine! His strategy is highly effective, easy to understand and quick to implement. Spencer’s intense attention to detail is evident in all of his business, and Salesographer is no exception. Spencer is a giving person and truly interested in helping photographers. Any photographer that follows the Salesographer system can increase their sales exponentially. Deciding to recommend this product to other photographers was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.


Chris Scott

Creator of Preveal

After watching Salesographer I can say, truly, that this is the video series I wish I had made. It's packed full of solid, actionable sales info, ready for you to implement the day you get it.

I have no doubt that Salesographer is going to change the financial lives of those photographers who take an afternoon to watch it and implement the things Spencer suggests. So stop reading this review and go hit the "buy" button, it'll pay for itself over and over again with each sale.


Todd Reichman

A Man To Fish, Business & Branding Expert

Spencer has attended my workshop and I've been in his books. I've seen his stats and his sales records. I'm only telling you that to reassure you that he knows exactly what he is talking about.

In an era when portrait photographers are giving up print sales in favor of digital files Spencer has figured out a die-hard, repeatable process for selling clients products. And his clients are THRILLED to own it. Selling products isn't magic, it is a process and Spencer is the perfect guy to learn it from.

Read full review


Tony Hoffer

In a world of sameness, Spencer has built an incredibly efficient and profitable business. It's been amazing to see him refine his methods and transform them into a simple and process-driven way of creating a truly profitable business.

Spencer's sales methods are tried and true and they are a wealth of knowledge in an industry that definitely needs it. I've seen many friends increase their sales simply by applying a few suggestions from Spencer. I'd highly recommend it!


Jason Prezant

Like a lot of other photographers, selling was a side of business that I never could fully embrace. I was constantly comparing my pricing to other photographers around me, and never really asking the question “why?”. Why should this cost x, and that cost y? What do I need to make every month to survive.

Luckily, Salesographer had the answers that I needed. Salesographer made it simple for me to quickly establish exactly what steps I could take to make my business run smoothly, and most importantly, profitably. Thank you Salesographer!


Lisa Rhinehart

Salesographer lets you learn from Spencer's years of experience operating a successful photography business. He breaks his thought process into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and customize to fit your individual brand. I was able to double my average portrait sales by implementing a few of Spencer’s principles discussed in Salesographer!


Shandi Wallace

Pricing was the scariest part of starting my business. I was so afraid to ask for what I knew I deserved. Spencer explained how my attitude needed to change, and so did my pricing structure. Taking his advice, I actually doubled my starting price (for wedding coverage) and I've never been busier!


Joshua Grasso

I have studied a lot of business strategies but still get overwhelmed when creating my materials. Seeing another photographers proven sales tools makes it much easier to be confident in the ones you are using. If you are struggling with sales like I do I would recommend Salesographer both for the framework but also the education in psychology and strategy necessary to be a better salesperson.

Read full review

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Dramatically increase your sale averages

What would it be like if you averaged $2,000 on every portrait session? My sales strategy is a tried and true process that is incredibly easy to implement.
If you don’t increase your sales averages within the first 30 days, I’ll give you your money back. Yep, you read that right. Try it out for yourself, I know you can have the same results.

1. We stand behind our product, but no phone, email or support is implied or guaranteed to be completed in any specific time period. We’ll be here to help you, but it may take a few minutes/hours/days to fully resolve any questions or issues that you may have. Trust us, we want you to be rolling in fat stacks of money!
2. Access to the private Salesographer Community is dependent on personal behavior. If we deem any behavior innappropriate such as, but not limited to, profanity, infringement of copyrighted material, harrassment, phishing, adult content, or any illegal activity, you will be immediately and permanently banned from the facebook group.
3. Compatibility with software is not guaranteed. All Photoshop and InDesign files require the use of Adobe CS5 or newer. Any fonts are not included with purchase and will require custom alterations for individual brand application.

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June 12 2013

A Man To Fish Interview


I had a great interview yesterday with Todd Reichman, the man behind A Man To Fish and the Sexy Business Workshop for photographers. I consider Todd a very good friend. He is incredibly generous with his time and expertise on Read More

  • “Timid salesmen have skinny kids.”

    -Zig Ziglar

  • “For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.”

    -Zig Ziglar

  • “A smart salesperson listens to emotions, not facts.”


  • “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect.”

    -William Clement Stone

  • “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

    -Benjamin Franklin

  • “Don’t sell photography. Sell what photography makes people feel.”

    -Spencer Boerup