Your list of reasons photographers charge so much? It’s BS.

Dear Photographers,

Can we please stop sharing these lists of how expensive it is to run a photography business?  Seriously.

“I have to pay for insurance!  And gear!  And I need the newest version of Photoshop!  And a studio!”

Guess what?  You just listed business expenses.  You know, those things you have to pay for when you run a business.  Welcome to business ownership.

Time to put your big kid pants on.

But let’s cut to the chase.  Here’s why these lists are a bunch of crap.

Every time you share a list of business expenses to justify your price, you tell the world that you don’t take yourself seriously as a business owner (and that they shouldn’t, either).

Your value is not derived from the costs that it takes to produce the work you produce.

Your value is derived from the work you produce.

And the service you provide.

And the fact that you are the only one who can do what you do.


You are more than your expenses.

PS – Do you think I’m full of it and want to call me names? Read this post first.

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